Better Vein Modeling in MineSight

It’s a common issue in mining. Ore is associated with veins and it needs domain constraint interpolations to maintain the continuity of the grade. Using traditional modeling techniques, this can take days or weeks of manual data editing and wire framing.Learn More

Miners of Tomorrow: Alex Nathe

Welcome to Miners of Tomorrow, a look at how recipients of Hexagon Mining scholarships are faring. Alex Nathe studies Mining Engineering at the University of Arizona in Tucson.Learn More

Introducing the Model Interpolation Tool

Model interpolation is an essential part of the modeling process. Our new Model Interpolation Tool will allow you to set up and run your interpolations, save and share your setups, and look into the details of your methods. It’s easy to set up, fast to run, and transparent to audit. In this article we’ll discuss how this new tool will fit into your modeling workflow, and how you can benefit from this new interface.Learn More